Preserving cultural values, fostering integration, empowering women and building a brighter future together!

Preserving Cultural Values
Fostering Integration
Building Bright Future Together

About Us

Together, we aim to work towards creating a society where women can frourish, contribute to the enrichment of their curltural heritagem foster integration, and embrace new opportunities for personal and professional growth. through community-building, collaboration, and tailored programs, we empower women to make a lasting impact on their lives and the world around them. Danaker stands for 3 pillars:

1. integration

at danaker, we believe in promoting integration by providing a supportive environment for women from Kyrgyzstan in Poland. we aim to facilitate their smooth transition into the local society by offering resources, guidance, and networking opportunities. through workshops, language classes, and cultural exchange programs, we encourage cross-cultural understanding and foster strong bonds between the kyrgyz diaspora and the wider polish community. by promoting entegration, we strive to create a harmonious and inclusive society where every women feels valued and connected.

2. cultural heritage

we are passionate about preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of women from kyrgyzstan. through various initiatives such as cultural events, traditional arts and crafts workshops, and storytelling sessions, we ensure that the invaluable traditions, customs, and proctices of kyrgyzstan are passed down to future generations. by cherishing our cultural heritage, we strengthen our identity, forser pride, and contribute to the diverse tapestry of polish society.

3. empowerment

empowering women is at the core of our mission. we provide a platform for women from kyrgyzstan in poland to realize their full potential personally, professionally, and socially. through metoring programs, skill-building workshops, and leadership development initiatives, we equip women with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. we believe that by empowering women, we create positive change not only within the community but also in the brouader society, where their boices and contributions are valued and respected.

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