1st european forum of women from the kyrgyz republic

Women migrants from Kyrgyzstan in Europe: 

widening opportunities for stronger integration


Warsaw, 9 March 2024

Background & Main Objectives                                                 

We are delighted to announce “The First European Forum of Women from the Kyrgyz Republic”.  It will be organized by the “Danaker” diaspora of women from Kyrgyzstan in Poland and Migration and Human Trafficking Council under the Speaker of Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic. The primary aim of the forum is to bring together parliamentarians from the Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, representatives of the EU institutions, and relevant organizations with women migrants from Kyrgyzstan in Europe. The focus is on enhancing dialogue and coordination to better support and facilitate the integration of women migrants from Kyrgyzstan into European societies.

The Forum will take place on 9th of March 2024 in Warsaw, Poland.

The inaugural edition of the Forum entitled “Women migrants from Kyrgyzstan in Europe: widening opportunities for stronger integration”, will address key challenges and opportunities in facilitating the integration of women migrants from Kyrgyzstan into European societies.

This call for participants is specifically targeting representatives, advocates, and institutions actively engaged in addressing migration, gender equality, human trafficking, and women’s integration at the local, regional, and civil society levels. We are seeking individuals whose expertise and contributions will bring significant value to the discussions and outcomes of the forum.

Format of the event:            

The event’s format is designed to be interactive, engaging participants through a dynamic approach. It will primarily feature three distinct panel discussions, allowing for in-depth exploration of key topics. Q&A sessions will provide an opportunity for direct engagement and the exchange of insights. Successful storytelling segments will inspire and provide valuable perspectives. Additionally, a dedicated networking event will facilitate connections among participants, while an exhibition showcasing Kyrgyz culture will add a vibrant and enriching dimension to the overall experience.

Eligibility & Selection criteria                                                                                   

We are looking for participants:

  • with a demonstrated knowledge and experience in the thematic focus of the forum at EU, international, or local levels.
  • who possess the ability to effectively raise awareness of pertinent issues within their respective constituencies. 
  • who are committed to playing an active role in the forum’s discussions and are willing to contribute to the dissemination of its outcomes. 
  • with a proven track record of promoting inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality are highly encouraged to apply. 

To apply, please complete the application form in English by the 5th of February 23:59:59 CET  using this link: Apply for the forum. Late applications will not be considered.

Participants will be mainly selected according to how relevant their work is to the topics of this year’s Forum. Moreover, the selection will be based on the need to ensure: 

  • geographical balance;
  • divercity of fields of expertise and activities.

Please note that the working language of the forum is English and Russian. Therefore, participants must have a good command of English or Russian. 

A maximum of 100 participants will be selected. 

Danaker and the Migration and Human Trafficking Council are in charge of the selection procedure. The final list of participants will be approved by the Forum bureau.

Participation and Travel costs:                                  

Participation in the forum is free of charge. However, we are unable to offer financial support for travel and accommodation expenses. We will gladly provide an invitation letter if a visa is required for attendance and assist in organizing accommodation or offer visa-related guidance.

Next Step:

Selected participants will receive an email by February 7 confirming their successful application and selection. Additionally, they will receive an invitation to register for the event, which includes a detailed program and a registration link. It’s crucial to complete this brief registration form to confirm participation. This registration process serves as confirmation of attendance.

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