Booking Club

Aim and Goals: 

The aim of the Book Club is to create safe space for participants to express their own thoughts about specific topics and to provide a platform for literature enthusiasts to come together and discuss various books. The goals of the book club are to foster a love for reading, facilitate intellectual discussions and exchange of ideas, promote cultural awareness, and create a sense of community among the participants. 

The Book Club events successfully bringing together individuals passionate about literature, creating a nurturing environment for intellectual growth and meaningful discussions. Each month, we carefully curate a book for our esteemed members to engage in a collective reading experience. Following the completion of the book, we organize a formal meeting dedicated to discussing the literary work. Our gatherings are designed to maximize engagement and learning, employing diverse interactive techniques and featuring renowned guest speakers who offer unique insights aligned with the selected book and its thematic elements. It is one of the greatest community tool for the Women Empowerment. The future events promise to provide further enriching experiences for participants.