July 9 became a significant day for us when we organized our first picnic in Warsaw.

This event not only provided an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends but also marked a pivotal moment in establishing connections with the girls who already reside here.

During our picnic, we shared our mission and future plans. Our goal extends beyond mere existence in a new country; we aim to assist women in integrating into Polish society.

Recognizing the importance of creating a supportive environment, especially for those embarking on their journey in a different country, is fundamental to our mission. Supporting education is a crucial aspect of our mission. We arrange various informal seminars and workshops, providing women with the opportunity to develop their skills. Our mission also involves creating a platform where we can preserve our culture. We aspire to establish a space for events, knowledge exchange, and a source of support and inspiration for each of us to maintain our identity in this new society. The picnic in Warsaw wasn’t just a moment of joy; it served as a starting point for our ambitious plans.

We take pride in being part of a story dedicated to supporting women in their pursuit of successful adaptation and the preservation of their cultural uniqueness in Poland.